Excerpts from Graveyard of Memories (John Rain Thrillers) by Barry Eisler.


Graveyard of Memories is Barry Eisler’s latest in the series of John Rain thrillers. Always evocative of the locations in which they’re set, the stories often unfold in modern day Tokyo. Graveyard is a little different: turning back the clock to the beginning of Rain’s ‘career’ it resurrects the Tokyo of 1972, a more modest city in which skyscrapers were just beginning to pierce the skyline, the neon was less pronounced, and the edges were quite a bit rougher.

These traces of Tokyo, though they continue to fade over the years, still exist. Graveyard of Memories inspired me to create a set of photos that hopefully captures the spirit of Eisler’s vision of 1970s Tokyo.

By the way, Graveyard of Memories is a gripping read. I devoured it in a day, which for me is an impressive achievement and speaks of the quality of Eisler’s story-telling abilities.


Note: 1972, the year that Graveyard of Memories is set, was also the year that Fujifilm released its first Fuji branded film in America. The photos above were taken four decades later – coincidentally with a Fujifilm camera – but they’ve been processed to – hopefully – better capture the look of 1972 film.