a portrait of tokyo made of moments of stillness and fragments of visual poetry

Introducing tokyo.grams — a new photobook that depicts facets of Japan’s capital in the final years of the nation’s heisei period. The book is the culmination of a four-year project that captures the lesser seen quotidian face of a city more commonly portrayed through its atmospheric neon-lit avenues, sleek bullet trains, architectural masterworks and exotic festivals.

Tokyo is not a conventionally beautiful city. It’s a messy, overcrowded fast-paced megalopolis, and yet…

The serendipitous moments framed in the images in tokyo.grams reflect the fragments of stillness or solitude or poetry that can be found in this dynamic metropolis; they share a haiku-like sensibility and convey Tokyo’s raw beauty.

The book’s seventy-four monochrome plates — curated from more than a thousand select photos — have been carefully paired in double-page spreads to create a series of visual haiku — the viewer providing the third unifying element — and sequenced to create a poetic visual narrative of one of the world’s great metropolises.

Take a trip through tokyo.grams. Click below to flip through a digital version of the book.


tokyo.grams | Fragments of a City by Basili Mobile. Collector’s Limited Edition – OUT of STOCK

Published by Basili Mobile Imprints, Tokyo, Japan, 2022. Copyright © basili mobile images

Printed by Momento Pro Pty Ltd. Sydney, Australia

ISBN: 978-0-646-86362-7

210 x 210 mm, hardcover, printed on Japanese chlorine free 150gsm satin paper