Umbrellas. Kasa. 傘.

In the rain Tokyo becomes a kaleidoscopic theme park; under a searing sun it is a place of dramatically contrasting tones.

And everywhere there are umbrellas.

Rain or shine, on the streets of Tokyo, umbrellas and parasols unfurl like flowers, their synthetic petals adding another layer of visual counterpoints to the complex harmonies played out in the city’s public spaces.


Tokyo Umbrellas is a project that had been brewing for two years. The result, in 2014, was a book that featured images carefully selected from the hundreds of photos taken during the project. It was the first book to be published by Basili Mobile Imprints. As such, it was given away as an e-book for free.

I’m pleased to announce a new second edition of Tokyo Umbrellas. Released in 2021, it has been re-edited and redesigned; its 42 pages contain 33 images. This new edition, also free to download, replaces the original book.

I’m giving it away as an e-book for free.

The new e-book design has been packaged as a PDF file for online viewing. It can be viewed in any PDF reader. The Tokyo Umbrellas PDF file (84.7MB) can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the image below.