Aspect | Renewable City

Constant redevelopment is a defining characteristic of Tokyo. The city is a dynamic organism, continually shedding buildings like scales, becoming ever newer, bigger and brighter. As the 2020 Olympic Games approach, the city has doubled down on its renovations and building works. Shinjuku Station has been undergoing renovations for a couple of years, Shibuya will be a virtual building site for the next four years and Harajuku will be completely replaced in time for the Games, while Tokyo Station is getting the finishing touches of its refurbishment. The landmark Okura Hotel has been demolished to make way for an Okura Mark 2. As has the city’s original Olympic Stadium. So too will the iconic Sony Building. Meanwhile old department stores are rebuilt and new shopping malls continue to join the Tokyo skyline. More than ever, it’s a great time to be in the building business.