Aspect | Convenient City

Ask Tokyoites what they like about their city and many will answer “It’s convenient”. And in this city of conveniences, possibly the most convenient are the thousands of convenience stores that dot the city’s neighborhoods.
The local *combini* – 7-Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart, AM PM, Ministop, Circle K Sunkus and others, many of which operate 24 hours – are like Aladdin’s caves: not only do they stock the usual magazines, snack foods, sweets, ice creams and drinks; they have diversified their businesses to span office supplies, including business shirts, stockings, underwear and ties; toiletries and cosmetics; freshly packaged food ranging from bento meals to salads, sushi and noodle dishes and a selection of alcohol. They also provide ATM services and copy, scanning and fax facilities, act as postal agencies, utilities bill collectors and event ticket sellers. And many larger stores also function as cafes.