Aspect | Entertainment City

Like any big city, Tokyo has amusements and diversions for most any taste, from movie multiplexes and classical theater venues, dance clubs and live houses, art museums and manga cafes, summer beer gardens and winter skating rinks to Tokyo Disney Resort with its twin theme parks spread over nearly 300 acres in neighboring Chiba: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Like all of Japan’s cities, Tokyo also has its share of uniquely Japanese amusements. People sit for hours feeding silver balls into machines under garish lighting in deafening, cigarette-smoke-filled pachinko parlors. They squeeze into private karaoke booths, drinks and snacks a phone call away, crank up the volume and become pop idols for an hour or two. Kids of all ages enjoy the carnival atmosphere of the city’s many game centers as they take on the various game machines and try to win toys and trinkets with the space catchers.