Aspect | Shopping City

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Tokyo it probably doesn’t exist. For those who enjoy shopping ― and there are many, many people who live in Tokyo and increasing numbers of visitors who do ― the city is a paradise. The overwhelming variety of goods for sale in just about any category can make for an exhausting purchase, but a customer is almost certain to find exactly what they set out to buy, whether it’s in one of the cheap and ubiquitous 100 yen shops, or an old style mom and pop store in a suburban shotengai, an impeccably curated recycle store, a branch of the many chain stores that dot the landscape, one of the hobbyist specialty stores that cater to all kinds of otaku obsessions, a sleek international luxury brand outlet, a discount outlet store, any time of day or night at a convenience store or a branch of the quirky variety store Don Quijote, or one of the many palatial department stores and shopping malls that double as window-shopping playgrounds and comfortable dining destinations.