Night views


Travel. Not too long ago it was a pedestrian experience; these last years it’s become impossible for many, less than pleasant and wrapped in the paperwork of pandemic-fueled bureaucracy for those who can. And still, even now, with travel can come moments of delight. For me, one of the small pleasures of arriving in a new destination has always been the anticipation of what lies behind the door of a new hotel room: the space and light; the furnishings and decor; the bathroom facilities. And then going to the window, perhaps looking over the balcony: sometimes delighted; at other times disappointed, but always gifted a new and different view.

The camera through history has often looked through windows, peering into rooms and also looking out. Recently I’ve been able to do a little bit of traveling, stay in a few hotel rooms, and with my camera look out their windows.

  • OKINAWA-202205-00002-LF
  • OKINAWA-202204-00017-LF
  • OKINAWA-202204-00012-LF
  • OKINAWA-202205-00010-LF

2 thoughts on “Night views

  1. Thanks. The last couple of years with the only travel being memories it was all too easy to forget the little things that add to the experience.

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